Старые стены

Старые стены

Старые стены

(3 a partire dal 3 utenti)

1h 31m 1973 HD

Guarda Старые стены Film Completo Online. Anna Georgievna Smirnova is a serious, businesslike and judicious person. It was these strengths of her character that helped the woman achieve high career results. Anna is a deputy and director of a textile factory in the Moscow region, who has long put an end to her personal life. She lives with her elderly mother. Her husband died, and her only daughter, Irina, is married. But suddenly, in a sanatorium in the southern resort of Anna, she meets a man named Volodya. He is a Muscovite, a former pilot, and now a driver. Volodya is younger than Anna, behind him two unsuccessful marriages. Between already middle-aged people a feeling of mutual sympathy erupts.

Старые стены (1973)
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