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1h 37m 2007 HD

Guarda アコークロー Film Completo Online. Misaki visits her boyfriend Koichi in Okinawa, the southern island of Japan. To welcome the arrival of Misaki, Koichi's friend Jinsei holds a welcoming party at his house. At the party, Misaki learns from the wise granny about the legend behind the bag hanging from the fig tree and the local demon: Kijimuna, which deeply fascinate Misaki. Jinsei then introduces Misaki to a young female writer, Kagemi, who tells Misaki the darker side of the Kijimuna legend. As the local shaman and medium to the other world, Kagemi’s knowledge in local lore gives Misaki much more to wonder about. The quiet life in Okinawa takes a sharp turn with the arrival of Jinsei’s ex-wife Sanae, which leads to a tragic accident. Soon, the parties involved begin to see a vengeful spirit and their peaceful lifes turn into a nightmare.

アコークロー (2007)
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